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Salary Caps Anyone?

Posted on: November 18, 2008 8:11 pm
I am one of the believers of the Salary cap. The winter meetings those Yankees put up more money and were able to go after anyone they want. I am not saying the Red Sox are one of the struggling teams but for teams like the Rays can't go after huge payroll players. This could effect the future seasons to come for that team. I am not saying that teams shouldn't have more money than others but there should be some restrictions that limit teams to an amount of money they spend during the meetings. Besides, obviously the teams that already have a lot of money are not the ones who need the players.
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Posted on: December 24, 2008 10:12 am

Salary Caps Anyone?

I agree with you.  This luxury tax is not doing what it was intended to do.  It's a different scenerio when one team in the league plays the game with monopoly money and everyone else plays with cash.  There does need to be a hard cap in baseball but I do believe there should be lower hard cap as well based on profit brought in by a team. A certain percentage of a teams profit becomes the baseline of the lower cap number that they must at least spend up to.  I think this would make it much more competitive in the league.


One other thing I have always thought of but know would never be put into play is an entirely different pay scale in sports.  First of all this is just my thought and I know it would never even be discussed by any of the major sports nevermind the players associations.  Each player when he signs his first contract gets a base salary the same all the way across the board.  Then an incentive clause to each contract based on indivual performance( for example 10-15 homeruns= this dollar value, 15-20 homeruns equal this dollar value and so on for all the stats. The incentive clause would be the same across the board as well.  Each year the base goes up as a standard across the league and so does the incentive percentage.  This way every player will earn inconjuction with how they perform.

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Posted on: November 18, 2008 9:35 pm

Salary Caps Anyone?

I, too, believe that it is time for MLB to address the issue of team payrolls.  However, I think we need a salary cap and a required minimum payroll. 

  • Those who spend:  Yankees $209M, Red Sox $134M, Detroit $138M, White Sox $121M, Mets $138M, Cubs $118M, St. Louis $100M* 
  • Those who don't spend:  Kansas City $58M, Minnesota $57M, OAK $48M, TB $44M, Florida $22M, Pittsburgh $49M, Washington DC $55M*

The gap between the Yankees and the Marlins is $187,000,000; closing that gap would be for the good of the game as a whole.   More teams could retain players when their rookie contracts expired (which fans love), more teams could compete for the most sought-after free agents (which fans love), and more teams could still be in the hunt for a playoff berth when September baseball rolls around (which fans really, really love).   

*Dollars are rounded to the nearest million. 

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